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Order Wheaten-Aseel-with great-figting background-Online


Buy Wheaten Aseel Online,

Order Wheaten-Aseel-with great-figting background-Online Wheaten Aseels are a unique

breed of chicken that are specifically bred for their remarkable strength and stamina.

Although they are commonly use in cockfighting, these birds also have a different

purpose – producing chicks that are highly resistant to fowl illnesses.

Breeders of Wheaten Aseels understand that the key to producing strong and healthy

chicks is by breeding hens that are fed with protein-rich food and groom to perfection. The

hens are not bred to fight when mature, which means that they are only use for breeding


The chicks produce by these hens inherit the strength and stamina that their parents

possess, making them highly resistant to flues and other fowl illnesses. This is a valuable

trait, especially in commercial farms where chicken illnesses can lead to significant losses.

In essence, Wheaten Aseels are not just fighting cocks, but also providers of long-lasting

generational fighting stamina and disease resistance. If you’re looking to breed strong and healthy chickens, Wheaten Aseels are definitely worth considering.

Order Wheaten-Aseel-with great-figting background-Online

The Aseel, also known as Asil, is a breed of chicken that has been prize for centuries for its strength, courage, and fighting ability. These birds have a unique appearance that exudes power and confidence, making them a favorite among game and sporting enthusiasts.

The name Aseel is derive from the Arabic and Hindi languages and translates to “noble and pure”, “of long pedigree“, and “highborn and original”. This name reflects the high esteem in which these birds are held, as they are consider to be one of the most noble and pure breeds of chicken.

Despite their fierce reputation, Aseels are also known for their regal bearing and indomitable spirit. They carry themselves with authority and confidence, and their powerful physique and sharp features make them a sight to behold.

The Livestock Conservancy has recognize the Aseel as a breed of significant historical importance, and their “indomitable spirit” is a testament to their resilience and strength. Whether you’re a game enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty and grace of these magnificent birds, the Aseel is truly a breed to be admire.


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