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Order Black-Breasted Red Aseel-Online The Black Breasted Red Aseel is a unique breed of chicken that has its origins in India,

specifically in the country’s North-Central regions. These areas are known for their poor

soil and insufficient rainfall, which led to the breeding of this particular chicken for

cockfighting purposes. Due to their elevated status in the ring, these birds are more

agile and aggressive than other chickens. Their superior mobility makes them a

formidable opponent, and their striking black and red coloration adds to their impressive appearance. The Black Breasted Red Aseel is a remarkable breed that has a fascinating history and is highly prize by gamefowl enthusiasts.

Cockfighting is a cruel and inhumane practice that is been around for far too long. While it may have historical roots, it is important to recognize that times have change and we as a society must evolve as well. The breeding and conditioning of roosters for the sole purpose of fighting is not only unethical, but it also perpetuates a harmful cycle of violence.

Order Black-Breasted Red Aseel-Online The fact that Aseel Cocks possess congenital aggression towards all males of the same species is not a justification for cockfighting. It is a reminder that these animals are not meant to be pitted against each other in a ring for human entertainment. We must acknowledge the harm that cockfighting causes to these animals and work towards ending it once and for all.

There are many other ways to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of roosters without resorting to such inhumane practices. We can admire their unique features and personalities, and even raise them for food or farming purposes. But we must draw the line at using them as pawns in a violent and barbaric game. It is time to put an end to cockfighting and embrace a more compassionate and humane approach towards animals.


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