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Buy Olive Egger-Hatching Eggs-Online


Buy Olive Egger-Hatching Eggs-Online Looking for a unique and friendly addition to your

backyard flock? Consider the Olive Egger chicken! These docile birds are known for their

friendly personalities and make great pets. But what sets them apart from other breeds are the

eggs they lay. While they may not be olive in color as the name suggests, they still lay a

variety of unique shades, making them a conversation starter at any breakfast table.

It’s important to note that the eggs you receive from Olive Eggers will not be olive in color as they are a hybrid breed. However, what you will get are adorable Olive Egger chicks that are sure to bring joy to your flock. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary with the Olive Egger chicken?


Buy Olive Egger-Hatching Eggs-Online Are you looking to start your own backyard flock or expand your current one? Look no further than our breeding flock of high-quality eggs! Our eggs are collected fresh every Monday and shipped out via USPS Priority Mail on Tuesdays, ensuring that you receive the freshest possible product.

To make things even easier for you, our hatching eggs are labeled by Breed Code, making identification during incubation a breeze. And while we guarantee that your eggs will arrive unbroken, we cannot guarantee hatching success due to the many variables involved in incubating and hatching techniques.

We ship our eggs year-round, but please use your own discretion when ordering during extreme weather conditions. At the end of the day, we take pride in the quality of our eggs and our commitment to customer satisfaction. So why wait? Order your



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